Blake by the Back Door

Blake Cunningham in his natural habitat.

Creepy Sunyatta in the Bathroom Mirror

Some ideas work and others not as much. Way before I started in on this shoot, I had this idea that I really wanted to get some images of a very kohl-smudged, panda-eyed Sunyatta. Well, Sunyatta doesn't really use an eye pencil, it turns out, and didn't have one for us to apply and smear. (Neither did I, it should be added. I shoulda come prepared, huh?) So we worked with what she did have and got this result which, it has to be said, is still pretty scary.


Blake Through the Stems

Yes, it's another of those wacko gifs I like doing. And, as you see, this is Blake Cunningham shot through a mess of iris stems that happened to be laying around in his and Sunyatta's dining room. He's just fooling around on the computer doing his best, I imagine, to ignore me.

Blake & Sunyatta No.2

Sunyatta with Beverage

After the sun goes down, the crappy, little didgie isn't really much use. Not in any traditional, representational sense anyhow. My answer to that, however, is to keep the flash off and just take as many pictures as possible of one subject and hope I get lucky. This time, though, I didn't, I don't think. So my answer to that is to make an animated gif.

So here's one of Sunyatta Marshall in the kitchen enjoying some Stag Beer out of a wine glass. I think she was uncomfortable with these, actually. She didn't like the glass being too close to her face, as I recall. I guess maybe it made her feel too spokesmodely or that she might be advocating the use of alcohol. Funny, huh? Reminds me of a time at Mangia Italiano back when she tended bar there and I mentioned that I thought a really funny idea for a t-shirt might be, "I (heart) Booze!". She did not agree and made it plain she thought that idea was pretty stupid.


Three Poster Concepts

Somewhere during that shoot I did with Blake and Sunyatta, I mentioned that I might like to take a stab at doing a poster for Sunyatta's band, The Helium Tapes. Sunyatta seemed to think that might be an okay idea. That's the impression I got and actually it's something I've wanted to do since she, a few years back, first mentioned the band at that Thai place on Grand, The King & I, with Jill Aboussie, who I hear is now the drummer for the Tapes.

Anyway, here're three ideas for The Helium Tapes, all featuring photographs of Sunyatta Marshall from that shoot I mentioned from 2/9/10, I think. Click on 'em to see 'em big, of course.