The Hollister Airfield Pictures No.1


The Hollister Airfield Pictures No.2


When I went to visit Kris on the Monterrey Peninsula, he had it in mind to send me on a glider tour of the air above Hollister. I'd never done anything like that before but was not opposed to the idea so I did go up in the glider plane and it was all of what you'd expect: exhilarating and fun and a little scary. But while Kris was taking his turn up in the sky, I managed to get a couple rolls of the details of airplanes and such around this great, old airfield there in Hollister.


The Huth-Gray Images


On one of my many visits to the home of friends (and excellent artists) Caroline Huth and David Gray, I happened to have my OM-1 along. In their space, there were always many interesting objects about, both useful and decorative, so I shot a few.