Six Evening Portraits


These are excerpts from a shoot commissioned by Rodolfo Vengoechea of his wife
on her birthday and her friends at the Timo Restaurant in Phoenix, AZ, March 16th, 2012.


For What It's Worth

Here is a quote from a film I watched tonight called Objectified.
I didn't take down the name of the guy who said this, unfortunately,
so I'll have to look at it again later and add his name.
For now, however, all I have is what he said,
so I'll just type this out and decide if I agree with him later on down the line.
For now, it feels sound.

Good design should be innovative.
Good design should make a product useful.
Good design is aesthetic design.
Good design will make a product understandable.
Good design is honest.
Good design is unobtrusive.
Good design is long-lived.
Good design is consistent in every detail.
Good design is environmentally friendly.
Last but not least,
Good design is as little design as possible.

Okay, I just did a quick search and the fella's name is Dieter Rams and here is another iteration of his principles.


...And Onto Milla Jovovich


A Little Science (The Gain Medium...)


The gain medium material controlled purity concentration shape amplifies process stimulated emission state plasma absorbs pump electrons ("excited") quantum particles interact absorbing emitting photons spontaneous stimulated direction passing number particles excited exceeds particles lower-energy population inversion achieved stimulated emission absorption amplified optical amplifier optical amplifier resonant optical cavity generated stimulated emission signal wavelength phase polarization characteristic coherence uniform polarization monochromaticity established optical cavity design resonator misnomer open resonators literal cavity employed microwave frequencies resonator mirrors coherent beam photon repeatedly emitted aperture diffraction absorption (amplification) medium resonator losses recirculating exponentially stimulated emission event atom excited ground reducing medium increasing power unity saturated continuous wave balance pump power saturation equilibrium value equilibrium operating point sufficient overcome resonator losses minimum threshold.

The gain medium amplify photons regardless spatial mode resonator substantial amplification output free space homogenous medium waveguides approximated minimum divergence diameter multimode transverse modes functions unstable resonators fractal collimated wavefronts planar normal propagation divergence diffraction transverse mode inversely diameter required diffraction theory generated common kilometers semiconductor typically exits crystal divergence divergent transformed similarly collimated originates diode spatial mode property coherence replicated standard discarding appreciated spotlight mechanism producing radiation stimulated emission energy extracted transition atom molecule quantum phenomenon discovered derived relationship coefficient spontaneous emission coefficient absorption stimulated emission electron atomic operation exotic device explained mechanics.


Guardian of the Cross


I always loved this illustration but it never did get used for anything.
I don't have the original vector file for it anymore either, which is a shame.
All that's left of it is this jpg of my imagined superheroine,
The Defender of Mercy.