Survival Tips #2

(Ben Is Dead)

"Ben Is Dead" was this sort of punk street magazine from out of L.A. that Ed loaned me to check out in, like, 1990.
Obviously, I am not done reading it yet.
Sorry, Ed.
I'm a deadbeat.

All that notwithstanding however,
there really are some quality suggestions here if you're on the downside of a dollar or just up for a goof.
You gotta dig a little for it, maybe, and, of course, take into account that it's nearly 20 years old
(not much mention of this internet kajigger all the kids scream about nowadays).
Oh, and you might need to abandon any shred of moral decency you could still be carrying.

(Bet Ed's still using the parking-meter-penny trick, too.
Cheap-ass... )

Survival Tips #1


This one's from back at Santa Monica College 
when I was real into making lists 
and then those lists would emerge as prints (like the 6 comforts), 
or in metal (tea, milk, lemon, honey) 
or, in this case, as photographs. 

These were originally pictures of cheerleaders I took one night at this high school football game that Ed made me sit through (as his nephew was playing). 
In the darkroom, I laid printed acetates over the paper before exposing 
which was sort of interesting but, 
not interesting enough, 
and these got thrown into a box and left there. 

years later, 
and with the advent of p-shop... 

they're still just sort of, "eh." 

The advice is good, though; 
the kind of stuff you wanna remember when working with the public.


Or maybe the advice isn't any good, either.


A Library

But a really, really small one where these are the only books.