55 Exciting Captions

1. The World Waits

2. Aliens Are Listening

3. Ready for Take-Off

4. The Pilot Dreams

5. Good-Bye Earth

6. Destination: The Stars

7. Ship Off Course

8. Silence from Earth

9. The Mystery Below

10. Who Goes There?

11. The Stowaway

12. Readying the Robot

13. Fear On Board

14. Terror Strikes

15. Trapped

16. Two in Danger

17. Danger Ahead

18. A New Peril

19. No Escape

20. Last Chance

21. The Metal Menace

22. Shock Landing

23. Victim of the Crash

24. Opening the Way

25. Robot Research

26. The Strange Planet

27. The Chariot

28. Robot Reporting

29. Alarming News

30. Urgent Warning

31. The Ground Trembles

32. The Deadly Sun

33. Safe from the Sun

34. The Robinson's Report

35. Penny's Pets

36. Where is Penny?

37. The Plants of Peril

38. The Terrible Sight

39. The Plants' Prey

40. Lost in Darkness

41. The Mystery Ship

42. Running for Help

43. The Search

44. In the Lost City

45. The Stranger Helps

46. The Terrible Cold

47. What Was That?

48. One-Eyed Terror

49. The Giant Threatens

50. The Awesome Menace

51. Readying an Attack

52. The Flying Warrior

53. The Battle Begins

54. In Death's Grip

55. Facing the Future


Horse Head CD Design Concept


I pretty recently met these guys who play in a, like, death metal band called Horse Head. One of them, Aiden, asked me to work up a design or just mess around with some ideas. Here's what I got so far.

Here are a couple more passes at some Horse Head designs (6/27/12). These are based off the photos I shot back in '98 of some horses at the Double Easy to be found here.

PROOF 1,000




I found these pictures in my Six Comfort files - the place where I've kept all the images I was planning on using in my Six Comforts project - but I have to tell you: I have no idea who this is nor when I shot these or even IF I shot these. If anyone has any information regarding the identity or whereabouts of this person, please leave a comment below.


Japan Town Refurbishment


Walking around with Gennifer in J-Town and this was there.

Motion Picture Studio Signatures

Always have loved this sort of design. We see it so much that maybe we forget that it comes from human hands but it is, in fact, the work of great designers. My favorite is the Columbia signature, but hats off to them all. Learn more if you like.

Michael J. Deas
Emil Kosa, Jr
Howard Dietz
W.W. Hodkinson

Action = Outcome


Aaron Pierson: Text / Voice / Design
Christopher Gustave: Design
Sean M. Spoor: Animation Design


Crank It


This mechanical surface fragment was shot with all the pictures of the metal tanks in St. Charles. This wheel controls something. Not sure what.

Metal Shard

No story.

Spring Collection


Here's another piece that displayed at the 2002 Forest Park show. I hardly even remember making this, though I do remember collecting springs for years. I'd love to say this sold to some lucky art-lover but, to tell you the truth, I lost track of this thing and now all that's left is this picture.

Happy Days


A Business, Downtown St. Louis


Standard Artificial Limbs is on Olive just East of Jefferson, I think. Or maybe I'm just pulling that outta my ass. But it's there downtown somewhere and every time I'd pass it I'd say, "I gotta get a picture of that someday!" Not even sure why. Something about it has a certain sick and comic flair, I think. Anyhow, now I've got the pictures. Now what do I do?

Point the Camera Up One Time


Ted Fisher in Paris


I Always did love this one of Ted.

This guy and I have been friends since we were 15 but it wasn't until April of '88 that we got the chance to travel through Europe together, from Paris to Budapest. So here Ted is on maybe our fourth day in Paris at a flea market, perhaps, or at The Basilica of the Sacred Heart or somewhere.

Love you, Ted! Hope your continuing travels find you well.

Iron Composition (Positive & Negative)


Out behind Forest Park Community College, there is an iron scrapyard adjacent to a manufacturing facility there (in St. Louis). I snuck in there several times, taking pictures and grabbing the little bits of junk I could manage to carry with me (a lot of which turned into some nice gallery pieces). That's where this image, among many more, was taken.



The Blessed Virgin


Actually, this is Maddie Eldridge shot unawares when she was just a teenager at Giovanna's baby shower. Always loved this image for its supernal grace and innocence and always meant to use it in something but never found a way. Some images are just too potent to be components of something else and must stand alone, I guess.

Rotate & Revolve




You cross the Missouri on the Blanchette Bridge and try to shoot the girders overhead through the wind shield but you gotta move fast and, of course, there's no knowing what you'll get.