Untitled Nos.1-13


Here I'm trying to think as little as possible; to perform a kind of creative meditation.
Then a guy outside starts drilling into my bedroom wall.
And then he comes in with a sledgehammer.
So those things start to show up in the pictures, of course.
Oh, now he's got the power saw going.
better get back to it!


Tempe Goof Salvage


Dammit! I'm not in the mood to explain this! Explanations are such a pain in the ass! I'll keep this as brief as possible. Okay - Aaron and I went down to Mill Ave. after the meeting with a couple of Nikons. I had the D2X with a macro lens on it and I was sure I was crushing it but when I checked out the shots on the computer the next day it turned out they were all crap - out of focus or jiggly from the long night-time exposures - so rather than just trash 'em I decided to spruce 'em up with some juxtaposition, light graphics and random text. Successful salvage? You decide.