Happy Valentine's Day

Tamara Christensen


I met Tamara at a design conference last year. She spoke about "Sense Storming" which was pretty neat. Then we shared a cigarette after and got acquainted. I must've given her my card 'cause she emailed me not long after that. Then she came by for lunch with the rest of the dudes from work and me. Then We went to visit her at the Idea Farm, which was pretty great and now we're working on her website. Aaron and Ryan had a photo shoot with Tamara for that project just this past weekend and this comes from one of the pictures they made. So, I like Tamara. Think she's pretty smart.


Jessica Chastain Thingy


These Are Neat

I pulled this from here.

Born in 1982, Antoine Desailly is a graduate from ENSBA (Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris).
His work is based primarily on repetition. Through painting, music, installation and drawing he tries to bring the mundane into the bizarre, the ordinary into the extraordinary. The daily life exaggerated to saturation gives these simple subjects a different value, where the complexity of our world rubs in the absurd and in the poetic.

(Excerpt from Antoine Desailly site.)