Mr. Paradise's Student Animations

Wow, this is so cool.
My buddy, Michael Paradise, is teaching this class out of the Laumier Sculpture Park, a class in cartooning for kids aged from, like, 9 to 11, right? Well I made a suggestion to him a little bit ago that it'd be fun to have the kids make these little animations - just a few frames per, and i'd turn them into animated gifs. Well, here are those results. I think these kids rock!


Serendipitous Abstract Compositions Generator

Check these out.

Alright, what's happening here is last week or two weeks ago I downloaded a movie and it turned out the file was corrupt in a bunch of spots and essentially unwatchable. I was just about to throw it out but that I noticed that the garbled portions were actually sort of interesting. I froze the frame and discovered the first of thousands and thousands of cool, little, abstract compositions in the De Stijl or neoplasticist style that this fascinating interference was generating... an honest-to-Christ, real, live instance of unadulterated serendipity.

Now, so we're clear, I've not cropped these nor goofed with them in Photoshop, save that I turned them all on their sides. I think they work better in the vertical orientation.


A Few More Elemental Ideas

This series is not coming easily, so I don't know if it'll really bloom.
Some of it is interesting... or maybe just cute. I don't know.
I should also remember to note that the images here are not mine.
They're stock.

Earth 1

Air 2

Water 1

Air 3

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