Pedestrian Photographs


Here are some pictures I shot a few years back with the old Olympus OM-1 while just walking around everywhere.

A cross I found in a parking lot somewhere - I think it's the one in front of the Border's Books in Brentwood (MO).

There's this section of sidewalk on Hampton in St. Louis that is, for some odd reason, kind of purple.

Lots of things come in the shape of a circle. These are but a few.

This is the back door of some restaurant somewhere.

I keep seeing these dots spray-painted on the street everywhere I go. I'm sure there must be some purpose to them.

Different colored boxes of screws and nails at the Home Depot located on... well, anywhere, I guess.

These are three things I found laying on the ground in St. Louis. That's all.

I found these nine washers embedded in the dirt in an empty desert field on some reservation land in Phoenix.

Three surfaces on a St. Louis county street.

This, I thought, was sort of the archetypal midwestern backyard composition.

These are concrete wall panels on the side of some old abandoned store in St. Louis. One picture shot in the morning, one in the afternoon.

I found these tags nailed to the telephone poles in my neighborhood. I guess every pole's got one. Got to keep track of those telephone poles somehow.

The Shop 'n' Save on Chippewa and Kingshighway in St. Louis has all this stuff attached to the back of it.

I like this delicate piece of rain-warped cardboard I found behind the Office Max on Kingshiway in St. Louis.

There's statue by a bridge somewhere in Chicago with an old, engraved inscription below it. I took pictures of all the O's.

Here's the bathroom window in a house I once lived in. As you see, the look and mood of this surface changed remarkably throughout the day.

An Arizona sky divided and reflected in one of those mirror buildings. This one is the industrial-court-design-center-whatever-thingy across from the casino on Pima Rd, in Scottsdale.

These remind me of maps or something, but they're really just old, chipped safety paint on parking blocks outside an abandoned strip mall in St. Louis.

Here are two surfaces perforated and split down the middle. They are from the backs of two free-standing garages in the neighborhood I lived in then.

These are the rust marks left on the concrete of the food court area of the Navy Pier in Chicago by the metal tables they usually have there. Not sure why they weren't there that day, though.

There was a long, red line spray-painted in the gravel on the side of the road somewhere in Phoenix. I don't really know why, but I took pictures of either end of it anyway.

These are the plastic no-slip safety surfaces they have at some city intersections. The one on top is from Chicago, I think. The one below is St. Louis.

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Michael said...

Pedestrian Photos:
Your formalism is impeccable. Your vision educational. Thanks for the moving aesthetic journey.