Thanks, Rebecca, for the Library Cards

A couple months ago my good pal, Rebecca Ryan, mailed me back this camera thingy I'd left at her place in Chicago back in June, and sent along with it this note and some samples of these library cards she has.

See, Beck works at a law library for some college or university there in the city and, presumably, has access to cool stuff like this all the time. So, of course, I replied, "Yes, I'd be very interested to use these in something." (paraphrasing)

It wasn't too much later I got a big envelope in the mail just packed with these. I've got what I think are some pretty good ideas mapped out for them, too, but before I start in, I thought I'd scan and post a few of my favorite ones.

Love you, Beck!


Anonymous said...

hi res would be even more lovely.
- st k

Gustave said...

How hi?