Irwin, The Fire Man, Trips Over The Hose.


We didn't even have a table.

We were just drawing on top of books in our laps. That's how I remember these getting made. I had this little room on the back, eastern corner of that building on Ocean View in the Westlake neighborhood of L.A. and we sat in there one night just drinking (most likely) and drawing. I think at first it was just me and Sarah killing time and then Ed came in from the other room and added his thing. A little later Dan came up from H.G. Daniels where he worked in that day and began to draw in his stuff in with ours. Then a little while after that David came by, probably with some weed, and then things got even sillier.

Sarah and I were just on the phone tonight talking about how we hardly ever draw anymore and how much we both miss this little chunk of our lives. It was a lively time, for sure. We were all young art school dropouts without too many cares and an enormous natural facility for amusing ourselves. None of us had cars or TVs and we were all perfectly content just hanging out drawing. Sure I miss it and I should. I miss all those guys and all the laughs, all that spark and originality.

So these group drawings are then attributed to David Zelig Bornstien, Daniel Philip Brack, Edward Ferdinand Andrew Pollard, Sarah Lynn Clayton and me, Christopher Lynn Gustave.

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Sir Frisky Digits said...

Wow! It's a wonderful thing, keeping stuff like this safely and flatly stashed away somewhere for 23 years through all the chaos and despair, upheaval and ecstasy, peanut butter and KY.

Looking at the pictures and the lines and the nutty go-for-broke surrealism of them all brings back lots of memories. Thanks, Chris!