Roslyn Pedestrian Photographs


Roslyn is a little town on Long Island near Great Neck in New York. Turns out one of my oldest, bestest friends and collaborators, Jerome Levin, lives there with his family. That's how I happened upon this little outta-the-way place. It's a sweet little town, too. In fact, it seems like a lot of interest goes into maintaining the small-town atmosphere there but, if you've seen any of these pedestrian pictures before, you know I'm not really interested in that. I found what I was after, though, thanks to a freeway overpass or something being built nearby. That site and surrounding areas provided plenty of concrete, steel and road detritus for me and the Heilman Didge and so I was able to make these.


Let's begin with the find-all-the-circles-on-the-ground game...

Two shapes on the side of the road.

Here, of course, is a lotta support rebar sticking out of the concrete that will shortly become the massive column or cason that will support the freeway overpass in construction there in Roslyn. I don't know. I like the linear stuff. It works for me.

Man, I love these safety barrels, too. Can't say quite why. Striped cylinders are just my bag, I guess. They all have handles on the tops of them, as well, and I mentioned to Jerome one night on a walk that every time I see these I think of how much I'd like to make 'em into trunks of some kind or suitcases or something. They'd make the stupidest, most unwieldy luggage ever for sure, don't get me wrong, but I can't help imaging how I'd engineer that anyhow.

This barrier mesh material is pretty cool, too. I like it for, again, reasons unknown, though the 120ยบ honeycomb shapes are good and safety orange is, you know, kinda pretty. This stuff and the safety barrels were found around that construction site, too, all fucked-up and dishevelled.

Here's me walking along side a busy road, getting the bits of sidewalk with interesting markings on them. It must mean something to someone.

Even a piece of string has caught my attention. I'm that easy.

Oh, and here are several interesting ground surfaces in perspective. I usually shoot these flat or perpendicularly or whatever, so this is sorta new for me. I like 'em, I think.

Oh, man, I am so tempted to call this one, "Laying Down on the Job". That's too silly, though, right?

Here's another thing I never do - give you the bird's eye on where all this crazy garbage is coming from, but this panorama has a nice end-of-the-day mood to it, so what the hell - throw it in.

That's my take on Roslyn, NY.

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