Brooklyn Liberty Man


In the weeks leading up to April 15th, you'll see these guys all over New York, dressed up in either a cheesy The Statue of Liberty costume, like this guy, or as Uncle Sam. They're all hovering about on corners trying, with their signs and sandwich boards, to entice you into having your taxes done at one or another of the hundreds of little file shops that pepper the map of the area. This fella was doing his bit on the corner of Metropolitan and something - I forget what - in the Williamsberg neighborhood of Brooklyn. While he didn't say anything to me about it, it was pretty clear he was not that into my taking his picture. I guess it's not hard to imagine that he would probably rather not be remembered this way, huh? Maybe if he knew what a neat little loop these photos turned out to be he might've been left with a little more of his dignity.

Or maybe not.

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