Trish's Obscure Eighties Playlist

Trish, you should know you started me on a tangent with your post on the facebook:

Then Ted tagged me in his response:

You're not kidding, Ted. Translator was totally amazing that night. But I love the album just as well. In fact I still have Nothing Is Saving Me on my iPod. So let's begin our playlist with that...

Trish, I hope these are obscure enough for you. Click to hear and enjoy!

1. Translator"Nothing Is Saving Me"

2. Suburban Lawns"Janitor"

3. The Producers"I Love Lucy"

4. Billy Clone & The Same "She's So Primative"

5. The Primatives"Sick of It"

6. David Sylvian"The Ink in the Well"

7. B-People"23 Can Can't"

8. The Photos"I'm So Attractive"

9. Gang of Four"We Live as We Dream, Alone"

10. Adrien Belew"Swingline"

11. Tones On Tail"Christian Says"

12. Everything but the Girl"Crabwalk"

13. Choir Invisible"Playing Cards"

14. The Vapors"Waiting for the Weekend"

15. The Hitmen"Bates Motel"

16. The Motels"Cry Baby"

17. The Plugz"Achin'"

18. Prefab Sprout"I Never Play Basketball Now"

19. Ultravox"New Europeans"

20. X"Blue Spark"

21. Advertising"A.R.T. - Art"

22. The Proof "It's Safe"

23. The Housemartins"I Can't Put My Finger On It"

24. The Unknowns"Tax Deductable"

25. Josie Cotton"Johnny, Are You Queer?"

26. The Colourfield"Hammond Song"

27. The Rezillos"It Gets Me"

28. Polyrock"Body Me"

29. Holly & the Italians"Rock Against Romance"

30. Magazine"Model Worker"

31. Shellyan Orphan"Burst"

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