Illustrations for a Red Cross Annual Report


When I lived in San Francisco, I was a Red Cross volunteer. I worked under a fellow named Andrew Rose in the public affairs department. As head of public affairs, one of his responsibilities was producing the annual report for The American Red Cross, Bay Area. I guess I had mentioned to him that I was trying to be a real artist and so he asked me to put together some sort of a visual theme for the project. I had just moved there and had nothing, but I got ahold of some chipboard and spray paint and did about fifty variations from these hand and cross stencils I'd cut, working out on the fifth floor fire escape of my building on Bush St. Andrew said he couldn't use the cross images (for legal reasons) but liked some of the hands and used them to illustrate the piece. I have to admit that this application of my work is not ideal but I am, nevertheless, proud to have been a part of any Red Cross project.

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