It Must Be a Sign


Quite a bit will emerge from this long lost folio of images and some of them, as you see, will be animated. On Halloween of 2008, I went to CBGB with my little Olympus and got pretty drunk, I guess. Then I followed Fred Friction back to Ross and Kim's attic for more of whatever. Then Sherman Sherman came by and he had some weed with him. I shouldn't have smoked, I know, but my resistance was typically low and I got myself messed up in a way that was no longer comfortable. I freaked out a little and left the party without a word and began wandering the neighborhood, reeling a bit and unsure of which direction to head. I realized I still had the camera and started, in my haze, snapping everything. In that state of mind, everything seemed fascinating as I caromed from sidewalk to sidewalk, believing world class art was getting made. Turned out, though I meant to head home, I was walking in the wrong direction and ended up on the far south side of town by some railroad tracks and a Guatemalan fellow who invited me in for some refreshment. So I ended up walking all day - way past being drunk or high and on into miserable and broke - but still shooting. I did finally make it home, exhausted and hungover and began processing some of what I'd shot. Some results appeared here but a lot of it was forgotten - until now.

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