My First Stumble (Envisioning Disney Characters in "Real Life")

I almost never look at my stats here at PROOF but I went to check them out today and noticed I was getting a lot of hits from something called Stumble Upon. Now as far as I could tell, Stumble Upon is basically the Pandora of websites. In other words, you select certain special interests you might have and Stumble upon takes you to a site it thinks you might like. Cool enough, so I joined and, you know, selected a few interests - mostly art related - and the first place it took me was this. I totally love these images and I think this artist (Jirka Väätäinen) is really neat. Maybe you will, too.

Damn! Here's another good Stumble.

This one's kinda cool, too.

Here's a nice project and another great Stumble.

This is a tutorial I want to remember to look at when I get to work on Monday. (This, too)

This is certainly rad.

Similar to that is this. At first I wasn't sure where this was, then I realized I was looking at the same exact view of Paris that I had shot in April of 1988.

Wow. These are pretty great, too.

And on and on.

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