A Letter from Jobyna


Dear Mertzal,

I finally have completed that book you sent me. What a lovely story! I couldn’t put it down. I have tried to read out loud, but sometimes, the words just don’t come out right. I didn’t know that you had brothers! That must have been lovely! Can you please give me a phonetic way of how to say your last name? I know how to spell it just fine, just saying it, is a little bit hard! I’ve been alright, thank you for asking! I hope you are doing well! Oh! I spoke to Ms. Lillian Gish today. She knows you too!! Such a small world it is! I am planning on seeing you soon! I want to read another book to you. I think I’m getting better (with my mouth, well, you have the other name for it, but I don’t like saying it). But, I am doing well in the pictures. I’m working in another picture with Harold Lloyd. I wrote you about him last week! I’m starting a picture called “Girl Shy”. It should be a lot of fun! Ohh Mertzal! I get to wear such nice clothes for this picture and I get to have a little puppy dog with me! But, can I tell you a secret? Harold has to stutter and it sort of reminds me of what I have , sort of .. does that make sense. But, I will ‘play it safe’, if that makes sense to you at all. So, I heard someone speaking Yiddish today and I thought of you! You speak it fully or ‘fluently’ right? I thought you did! I cannot wait to see you again! I am so sorry this letter is brief, but here is a little portrait of me. I think you’ll like it. I think it. I like the fence, I think you would too! By the way, when I come back to see you, can you show me all of the library, I don’t think I’ve seen it all yet! I would love to see it all!! Ohh! Before I forget, when I get there, Ms. Gish had asked me to check on her books for her. She said that she had two books that you are keeping for her, right? That’s what she told me. I wish I had a book for you to keep! Oh! But, I don’t understand what she needs the books there for?

Well, lovely, I must be off now! I shall see you soon, alright!


Jobyna Ralston

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