June in Peril

July 22, 1933

Dear Mertzal, or Mert,

I don’t know which one you prefer? I went to the doctor and they said that can try to help me fight this disease. I am not sure what it will do, but they say I could end up dying from it. OH! But need not worry about me, for I have my family supporting me. I thank you for your kind letter and your lovely offer. I will be alright.

Mert. I need to tell you this now.

I’m scared to death. I’m not alright. I’m sick.

I have this disease. But, I am ready for another vacation, how about you? I want to see you now. I feel like you can help me solve the question of how I got this incurable disease? Is it a disease? I’m just so scared. I cannot even sleep at night without thinking of a tombstone. I can’t even breathe. Mert, please, help me. Read what you can to figure out this. I need to know a cure! Is there a cure? I need to know. I’m scared that I’m going to die. I’m scared of the Earth below me. I don’t want to die now. Help me, please. I have sent you a list of my symptoms. I hope cancer doesn’t kill. I am hoping not. I cannot even think of a funeral.

Mert, you have expressed how much you care for me and I do reciprocate that. I wish to see you very soon!

Lots of Love,

June Caprice.

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