The Birth of "Girl Shy"

Mildred Davis and Harold Lloyd did come to the library. I remember them quite well. I was just sitting behind the reference desk and in walks the Lloyds. Mildred was beautiful, but in a different kind of way. Harold was holding her arm. Mr. Lloyd walked up to me and said hello. I said “Hello sir, how may I help you today?” He looked at my name tag, and then he looked again, like he knew the name somewhere.
“Mertzal!” He said.
“Yes, sir, that’s me,” I said.
“I’ve heard your name somewhere, I’m trying thing to think where I’ve heard it,” He said, thinking. I sat there, looking shy. I was a shy man. I know it may not seem like it, but I am.
“OH! I think I remember, have you heard of a woman named Jobyna Ralston?” He asked me. I nodded and said “Yes sir, I have.”
“She told me of a man named Mertzal, I think that might be you!” He said. I couldn’t lie. I nodded.
“It’s so great to meet you sir!” Harold said. I shook his hand.
“How can I help you both today?” I asked, nervous.
“Well, my wife and I were wondering if we could talk to you for a bit?” He asked. I nodded and lead them to a table. He talked me about a new idea for a picture, starring Jobyna. He wanted to know if I would recommend something to him. Well, I said “I’m not a picture expert, but I know there a lot of books you base something off of,” I said.
“Jobyna talks about a system you do with her hands, what’s that all about?” Harold asked. I remember Jobyna cabling me a few days before saying that she thought that Harold hated her, because he didn’t understand this system.
“It’s a long story , Mr. Lloyd and it’s really for her benefit,” I said, trying not to sound rude. Harold sounded like he was interested in Jobyna. He had Mildred. Jobyna was mine. My eyes let him know that, but I don’t think he got that.
“I want to know if I could tell you about a picture idea,” Harold said. He and Mildred took turns talking and there my friend, was the ‘birth’ of “Girl Shy”.

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