An End to the Torment

I was severely bullied today, when I got to school (y’all know the routine, punched and beaten)(well, I’m severely bullied all the time). But, this time, I was bullied on the subject of Jobyna Ralston. As I lay nearly lifeless on the ground, my tormenter yells this:

“No one cares about you, no one likes you, you’re so stupid to think that you have friends, when they really hate you and they think you’re the most wasted piece of space on this Earth. Who cares about Jobyna Ralston (She said something worse, but since I’m nice and don’t us profanity, I shall say that)? She never cared about you! No one does! She’s dead and I’m sure everyone here wishes that you’re dead too and I can make that happen.” Laying there lifeless, I manage to say this:

“You don’t know Jobyna. I do. Yes, granted, she’s in the ground, but doesn’t mean I won’t stop adoring her, like I adore so many. My heart is full and it’s full of kindness and Jobyna help put it there, as others did too. You can go on ahead and kill me. Go ahead, I have lived this far, you can go on ahead and take my life. But, if you do, you will know that my mother will be terribly upset. My father will be and so will my brother. Jobyna was someone who had a lot more gumption than you did. Judging by your behavior, you must have had a really bad childhood. You must understand that you may hurt me, but really you are hurting yourself. You may bruise me up, but you are really bruising yourself and as far as Jobyna Ralston is concerned, she was bullied of her lisp. How do I know this? I’ve read it, and I’ve heard it. I understand her situation. She came to somebody for help and that person helped her. I feel like Clara Bow right now. You have hurt me over her and yet, you have no idea who she was or is.” Then, slowly getting up, I say this: “ So, you may go on ahead and ‘end’ me, but it will be a lot of problems for you in the end. I have another thing to say, you can hurt me all you want, but you ARE NOT and I do mean ARE NOT GOING TO INSULT JOBYNA RALSTON. NO. THAT IS SOMETHING I WILL NOT TOLERATE!”

“You didn’t even know her, you loser!” (yells my tormenter).

“Oh I do, it’s just not the way you’re accustomed to. You can hurt me all you want, but you are not going to hurt her, because you can’t be nice to people!”

*Punch* (back on the ground and laying there lifeless).

“No cares about you! You are so useless and so is that little twerp (she did say this) Jobyna, or whatever her name is!”

With the last and little strength I had, I said this:

“I may be useless to you, but I can guarantee you, I can find people who would disagree with you, about Jobyna, maybe not me, but Jobyna, definitely. So go ahead, kill me now, go on. Then, slowly getting up, I say this and now thinking of it, I still can’t believe I said this: You scared? You should be! I’m not going to tolerate this any longer! I have been battered by you for too long and IT ENDS NOW. Yes, I’m talking. I’m speaking and as Jobyna Ralston as my witness, I will not tolerate this any longer. Yes, I was afraid to say something. Yes, I am afraid to die, and I know what you’re capable of, but you are NOT going to hurt Jobyna. Over my Gish body, you’re not going to. If you want to hurt her, you’ll have to go through me and I’m not going to let you hurt her easily! Is it really worth to hurt someone like me? Is it? I cannot believe how your mother thinks that you are ‘some angel’, when in the reality of things, you torment someone who has done nothing to you. WHAT HAVE I DONE? TELL ME!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE?? Wait, oh, I know, love classic and silent film. Yes, that’s it! That’s a really absurd reason to hurt

“Harry who???” my tormenter says.

“IT’S HAROLD LLOYD, and might I add, how absurd you are for any of this. You can let me alone, like I let you alone. My nature is different from yours. I’m old fashioned, I will admit, but the strength I have doesn’t come from anything that’s modern. It comes from people who inspire me, people like Jobyna. With that said, I hope you find remorse in what you have done. So, are you ready to ‘end’ me?”

My tormenter than looks at me and doesn’t say anything.

“Well, you going to ‘end me’ or not?” I ask, looking at her. Then, she looks at me with wide eyes.

“OH MY GOD!” She yells.

“What?” I ask. She says this:

“Okkk, fine, I’ll take your word for it!” Then, she slowly backs away from me.

That my friend, I hope , puts an end to my being bullied days.

Now, if you are bullied, please, tell someone, it’ll help!

Again, I’m sorry y’all had to read this, but I had to make this ‘bullying’ end!

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