Sad Love

She was not happy with him. I know that for a fact. She only was married to him of about 18 years. I doubt that they were happy 18 years. He might have won her heart in ‘Wings’, but that didn’t last long in reality. She was upset. If you see photographs, you could tell that she was not happy at all. She looked happy, but in the reality of things, he was jealous of her. He was jealous of her beauty. When I saw her, he was jealous of me. I think it was because I taught her how to speak and how to read. I think it was because of her sneaking to my room and getting into bed with me and crying, was I certain that the marriage wouldn’t last. Arlen never seemed to smile much. He took the love of my life away from me. I felt like I was losing June Caprice all over again. He never smiled at anything. He was cruel to her and I witnessed it first-hand. I wished she was mine. I really do. She would write me letters, telling me how the marriage would not work out. She didn’t want to divorce him. She tried her hardest to love him, but he seemed to wrapped up in his own world to notice her cries. She wrote me a letter saying to expect her in the next few weeks. I wrote her back quickly, asking her if anything was wrong. She wrote back quickly too saying ‘ I need you’.

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