Mother Jobyna

June 2nd. 1933

Dearest Mertzal.

Thank you for your letter! So sorry it took me forever to reply! I was quite busy and as you can see why! Isn’t he beautiful? His name is Richard. Yes, after his daddy!! I just can’t believe I’m a mother now!! I hope to be a good one! I hope I can come down to see you and I will bring him! I want you to meet the new part of my life. I just crazy about him. I hope that he’ll grow up and he’ll be very smart! I know you’ve helped me out so much! How are you love? I hope you’ve been alright! How is your dad? I finally learned how to say his name : Petael-Pa-tell. Is that right? I hope so!! I hope that your brothers and your mother are fine as well. We are all fine here. Richard sends his greetings as well as my little bundle of joy! Ohh Mertzal, if you could see him! I swear he looks just like his father! Do you want children? I hope you have children, Mertzal. I’m a new mother and I have so much to learn! I know I’ll problem need some guidance along the way! But, I’m just in love with my new little one! If you don’t know who these lovely people are, on my right is Helen Twelvetress with her beautiful son, Jack and my left is Arline Judge with her son, Charles. Don’t we all look lovely? I know what you’ll say; “You look beautiful” and I thank you in advance. Thank you for the book, I just received it in the mail! Thank you for being so wonderful to me and I do apologize again for Richard’s action towards you. Thank you for telling me what that ‘K’ word was! I wish he had never said it! If I had known what that ‘K’ word was, I would have told him to apologize, but I had no idea what that ‘K’ word meant, till you told me! I’m so sorry, and I feel so awful about it. I am still not sure why it was that awful? I would never call you that, but I am not exactly sure how it applies to you. Your name doesn’t begin with a ‘K’. Does it have to do with ‘your kind’? I’ll explain that in a telegram soon, of what I mean by that! Still, I hope you’ll accept his apology! He didn’t understand our ‘system’! I know that I’ll try to explain it better to him that it was for ‘support’! I’m glad you came up with that (ohh turn the page over!)


But, I hope you’re doing well!! See you very soon my dear!!

Lots of love,


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