An Adventure with Lillian Gish and Rita Hayworth

Rita went up to Lillian’s apartment. Lillian was happy to see Rita. “Rita, my dear friend! What can I do for you?” “Lillian, there is a place that we need to see!” Rita stated. “What kind of place? Where is it? How can we get there?” Rita explained that she found a ‘reserve’ (if you will) and that they needed to see it. Lillian asked how they would get there. “We shall walk,” stated Rita. Lillian agreed. She and Rita walked. Thankfully, Rita knew the way. But, their journey wasn’t without struggle. When they were walking along the gravel road, there appeared two men. Rita didn’t like the looks of these two gentlemen. Thankfully, they both dressed accordingly. Rita grabbed Lillian’s arm. “Lillian, whatever happens now, do as I say,” Rita stated. Lillian didn’t say a word and nodded her head. Rita then lead Lillian slowly ahead. The two men looked at Lillian. This look, I will regret to say, wasn’t pleasant. Then, the men started walking towards them. Rita pushed Lillian and told her to RUN!. Lillian ran through a forest . She was only thinking of one thing: Which way to go or What about Rita? She didn’t look behind her. She kept running forward then, she tripped and fell. One of the men grabbed her and pulled her up. “Where you going?” he snarled. Lillian was good at smacking people and she hit the man really hard. He released her and she continued to run. Then, she came to a cliff. But, her feet wouldn’t stop fast enough, and she fell. But, while she was falling, a hand grabbed hers. It was Rita. “You didn’t think I’d let Lillian Gish die, did you?” Rita pulled her up and hugged her. Lillian was in tears. “What about the men?” “A herd of buffalo scared them off,” Rita said. Lillian dried her eyes. “Now, are you ready to see the place I found?” Rita said. After Lillian dried her eyes, she nodded. The two of them walked in fields of flowers and then they saw wild horses running around. Then, finally the reached the “reserve”. They saw buffalo galore. “Rita, thank you for saving my life,” Lillian said. “That’s what friends are for right?” Rita said. The two of them walked among the buffalo. The buffalo were friendly. They would let Rita and Lillian pet them. Lillian and Rita finally enjoyed themselves. “Can’t wait to tell Dorothy about this!” Lillian said. “Lillian, I’ll always keep you safe,” Rita stated. Lillian agreed she’d do the same . The two looked out into the vast valley.

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