Bill Wheeler Under Stage Lights


Here's an interesting sequence I shot of drummer Bill Wheeler at Cicero's while he was playing with Atheists For Jesus. Bill, it should be said, is a natural showman. He's got no trouble performing in front of people or cameras, an attribute I really envy. I realized this when I saw him on The Set, which is a local St. Louis TV broadcast of bands in clubs around town and they sometimes have an interview segment to go with the live footage. Well, I've seen a few of my friends fumble their way through this situation, just grateful to get to the end, but Bill was just as natural as rain there on my TV set - calm, concise, excellent diction, interesting to watch and with good eye-contact...
so, if he's in your band, you not only get to work with a very talented musician, but you also get a guy who really knows how to handle the public and the press - a considerable asset.

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