Paper (collage/paintings)


Sometimes, when you don't have any place to work, you have to improvise. I remember making these collages in the back of my pick-up truck when I lived in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. I'd stand up in the bed and use the cab as a sort of desk, cutting and laying down the paper quickly with Super 77, and then applying the Krylon and smearing it with a rag or not smearing where greater color saturation was indicated. In this way, I developed the technique that would see me through the Heartpiece Series, the Andersen Commissions, the Paper Series (examples below)and many others all of which have shown and sold successfully throughout the past couple of decades.


Improvedliving said...

well some of these online images blow away ur mind.


beck said...

these are my faves, as ya know. i can feelit.

Ted said...

That truck served you well, C.