Unbelievable, Part 2

Alright - first of all, Sory, dudez! while getting my dookie together  enough to post this dum old post I naccidentally hit the "publish" button with nothn in the cpy...

Fuck. Lemme start this over.

You ever get that feeling that the more you do and the longer you live, the less you know? I really think I'm getting progressively stupider. That's my suspicion. There's no question I'm getting crazier. We all know that. But I really think I'm at that magical time in my life -- just right on the fulcrum between being just smart enough to know I'm getting stupider, as I mentioned, but just slightly too stupid to know when to quit writing about it publicly.

Like you, it all just makes me wanna hold my head in my hands and make a sound, like, "Uuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." a sort of low groan, inaudible to others (so you know it's not just for dramatic effect or to get sympathy from passers by).

Anyhow, I don't have any Adobe Illustrator right now.
Mine just wouldn't open one day about 3 weeks ago, no clue why.
I dumped and reloaded - no dice.
I made faces and said bad words...

Anyhow, so today I took a couple stabs at getting a new version.
I actually went back to Limewire (can't recommend) and downloaded an older version which, not surprisingly, wouldn't open properly.

Then I tried some Megaupload links I found. 

It was going okay. I mean, it really takes a lot of patience and attention, yes, but I had a pretty good system going where I'd start one of the 12 downloads and get the next one cued up and then go check out Brazilian chicks for a few minutes and, keeping my eye half on the download window, I'd look for that little crate icon to pop up on the desktop and then restart the cycle...

(Now I know y'all wanted the porn part of this story to assume more of leading role at this point but, for real, I am such a soft core-lightweight and that brings to mind another curious aspect of this magical time in my life: Once, when I was younger, I used to be embarrassed and ashamed about masturbating, now I'm embarrassed and ashamed about not masturbating. I mean, right? Do you feel me? What? No? I'm the only one? Well fine, then.)

So I got this nice download system working and I get to the last part of the thing, part 12 of 12, and would you not fucking know it, but I get this message,,,

I've tried it several times since and I keep getting the same message. 

All I'm saying is it's quite frustrating, not being able to steal software with ease and convenience, and this time I'm saying it audibly, for dramatic effect and, yes, to earn sympathy from strangers.

Or maybe one of you could hook me up with some Illustrator!
C'mon. Help a brother out.

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AVD said...

Huh. I'd blame something in the water because I've been feeling exactly the same way (except maybe for the masturbating bit.) When did I become so idiotic?

Anyway, when faced with such a dilemma, some people might use something like BitTorrent to grab something from Pirate Bay.

Not that I've necessarily ever done that, would condone such behavior, or will take any responsibility if you inadvertently put something nasty on your machine in the process.

Just sayin'.