Some Titles

At one point I had my mind completely set on becoming a playwright.
It was my only waking desire and consumed my days.
Unfortunately, I never made it out of the title stage.
These are all I came up with before I changed my mind and decided to become an astronaut.

"The Nice Supper"
"Success In The Cue"
"Go Back To Normal"
"The False Breasts"
"Movie Stars Need Love Too"
"I Was A Teenage Bedwetter"
"Isn't Anyone Going To Ask Me Why I Have This Box On My Head?"
"The Happy Loser"
"There's A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation For All of This I Assure You"
"The Barbara Infection"
"Flowers For Myself"
"The Compulsory Lottery"
"Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex I Learned In Kindergarten Without Really Trying"
"Argument With A Television"
"The Nipples On My Ass"
"The Good Clean Fun That Resulted In My Death"
"The Relationship Sails Out of the Harbor"
"Ways Of Sleeping"
"Where The Pills Are"
"...And God Created Back Pain"
"Death In The Afterlife"
"The Obvious Men"
"From Nosepicker to Gluesniffer"
"A Guarantee of Happiness"
"The Pajamas"
"The Girl in the Well"
"Better Off Not Knowing"
"Men Who Bleed"
"The Pay Phone Beyond Hope"
"Battalion of Suits"
"The Love Bit"
"Gently Down The Stream"
"I Had A Dream Women Made Sense"
"More Similar Than Alike"
"A White Man's Cocktail"
"The Cold Sore"
"Epileptic Haiku"
"The Paper Eaters"
"Confessions of a Good Liar"
"The Oblivious Self Wins"
"The Elective Lobotomy"
"The Scab"


Anonymous said...

Here's one for you: "The Oeuvre of The Unwritten."

I'm rather fond of "Flowers For Myself." "Nipples On My Ass," not so much.


Gustave said...

Wow. that's a really good one!

Don't like The Nipples On My Ass, huh?
Quite a visual, though, you have to admit.