Paradise Artifact

I really love beautiful trash like this.
It came from Michael Paradise's studio,
from about the middle of last year.
We were hanging out,
just shitting around,
whatever it is we do,
and he started burning this incense the scent of which I found especially appealing.
I asked if I could snag a few sticks and he wrapped some in this paper,
one of many which regularly litter his habitat,
wherever he may reside.
I stuck the gift in my bag,
my poor, gone bag,
and it remained there at the bottom for a while.
I guess I forgot about it and in that time it got wet somehow.
Probably set the bag down in the rain or stuck a cold bottle of something in it.
Who knows.
The wet incense made a nice pattern on the paper, though, right?
And the sticks dried out and lit up just fine.
I think those three circles were part of one of his art lessons or something.
That's what Mike does,
is teach art.

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