"Jesus Drank Wine" CD Art


Now here's a job that was a real pleasure.
It's always a bonus when you get to work for and with smart people who are clear on what what they want and what works.
Fred is such a person and so, contrary to his chosen moniker, there was really no friction when it came to making the choices that resulted in the look of his project.
So I'm pretty pleased with this end product and, I'm happy to say, so is he.
And what's more, as good as this looks, it sounds even better.
I'd encourage you to discover that for yourself by coming out to the release party (if you're local) or by purchasing a copy at CD Baby, or, for Christ's sake, just email me at taggroup1@yahoo.com and I'll make sure you get the VIP treatment with your order.

Also not to be overlooked is the very cool, very provocative Bob Reuter photograph on the front cover.
Bob's been doing amazing work as a photographer (and in other media) for quite a spell now and so it was a genuine honor for me to finally get the opportunity to "work with" the man.

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